Over $500 Million Recovered Since 1973
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Billing, Receivables, & Bad Debt Solutions

Over $500 Million Recovered Since 1973

If you are in search of a collection agency because you want your money now, then you should be cautious with your selection because there is more to choosing the right collection agent then being quoted rates and fees. 

Are you wondering what happens once you have assigned an account to MasTon Capital for collection agency services ? Review our collection process flowchart to familarize yourself with the collection process that has been sucessful in recovering over $500 million for credit grantors since 1973. 

Need to speak to someone or want to learn more about MasTon Capital billing and receivable solutions? All you have to do is fill out our Services Inquiry Form and someone will gladly contact you promptly with diligent assistance. 

Be warned that making the wrong choice brings you back to where you started, wanting your money now!

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