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A Collection Strategy  
Designed to  Increase Successful Recovery 

Have you been awarded a Judgment, but ever since find you are still waiting to be paid?

Are you someone who thought that once the court ruled in your favor you would get your money, but you are still waiting to get paid by your debtor? 

Do you now find yourself frustrated because you don't know how to proceed or you don't have the time to research, verify assets, and take the steps necessary to get paid? 

Do you find yourself unable to find a a trusted, experienced collection professional to enforce your judgment, because they don't accept single assignments. 

Judgment Enforcement Statistics
You Are Not Alone!

Statics show 80% of all Judgment holders never see a dime!

The MasTon Capital "Judgment Support and Recovery Membership Program" has been created to  be your fresh collection strategy to support your own efforts to enforce legal recovery of your money.

Becoming a Basic Member of the program will immediately begin to improve the probability of your getting paid by up to 100%. One single immediate basic membership benefit alone increases recovery probability by up to 75%, 

Presently this unique membership program has 2 levels to choose from, Basic Membership and Gold Membership. Either membership gives you unmatched recovery support benefits and  deep discounts on needed legal enforcement services.

Explain this unique Collection Strategy?

First the MasTon Capital Judgment Support and Recovery Memebership Program was designed to be a best fit for Judgments against indivduals. There are certain benefits in this program that would not help recovery against businesses, corporations, trusts, etc. 

Legally you still have to assign the debt for collection to MasTon Capital. 

You will pay ZERO COMMISSIONS on collections recovery. You will keep !00% of the money collected!

MasTon Capital, a credit bureau member, will  report your judgment to the credit bureau, immediatley increasing your chances of collection. But we will not send any demand letters,  make any  phone calls, or make any attempts to locate the defendant. We will direct all calls received directly to your phone .

We can prepare all your enforcement documents like writs, garnishments, bank levies, etc. to collect your money through legal channels.  We can serve those documents to the appropriate parties as instructed by you. 

You can at anytime upgrade your Basic Membership to a Gold Membership that will increase your benefits.  

Moreover we are here for you 5 days a week with a host of support services designed to increase your probability of getting paid what is legally yours. 

About MasTon Capital San DiegoWho is MasTon Capital? 

In every industry you have the innovators, the leaders, and then there are those who follow. For nearly 4 decades MasTon Capital and it's executive team have been hailed as innovators of the debt collection arena. 

In the the mid 70's for being the pioneers that introduced information technology in-house, in the mid 80's for a credit bureau product that combined mulitple credit profiles by social security number,  in the early  90s we were in the forefront of account assignments using on-line data transfers, then in the mid 90s we developed the Chex by Fone Software Solution for debt collections, 2007 we created a one of a kind proprietary program for landlords  to use during the eviction process, and now we have designed this unique Judgment Support and Recovery Membership Program for Judgment Creditors.   

Along the way we have administered over 12,000 civil actions for money and more importantly we have managed the recovery of over $500 million dollars in chronic bad debt for our clients. Feel free to surf other parts of this website to learn every thing you need to know About Us

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