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Assisted Legal Document Preparation by Attorneys

Law Firm vs Legal Document Preparers

MasTon Capital clients are eligible to get legal document preparation support at discounted rates through our association with the Law Offices of Albert Robles, a top level California Law Firm. 

No matter if your desire is to do it yourself or cost control our referral program gives you the comfort of knowing you have your ducks in a row for your legal concerns withEconomy Documents as starting as low as $99 only!

There is an industry known as the Legal Document Assistants in California, but one should be aware that under California Law they are only allowed to prepare documents you have requested. They are not allowed to provide you with advice or even tell you if the document you are preparing is the correct one. Moreover the prices charged in almost all situations are much higher than those offered to you with our referral to the Law Offices of Albert Robles. 

You decide is it better to use an LDA at a higher price that can't provide legal answers or consult you in your matter? 

After reviewing the comparison chart click on it or here to be redirected to the Law Offices of Albert Robles' website for Assisted Legal Document Preparation by an Attorney not a LDA or Paraglegal!

Law Offices of Albert Robles

In order to process your enforcement request we need you to complete this form. Please be as thorough and detailed as possible. Please make sure you leave us a good contact phone number in case we need clarification on any details.

Accrued Cost= Money you have paid out previous to today's enforcement which have not been claimed before and are reimbursable court costs. Example- Amounts paid previously to the court clerk, sheriff, county recorder, registered process server, etc   for Writs, Abstracts, Debtor Exams, Levies,  Etc. 

Accrued Interest- New interest that has been earned on the original total judgment awarded that you have not previously filed a claim for with the court. 

IMPORTANT FACT ABOUT NEW ACCRUED COST AND INTEREST - Filing a request for accrued cost or interest prior to the issuance of a writ or abstract will cause a 10 day delay in the issuance of your new Writ or Abstract because the court clerk is required to send your judgment debtor notice that you are updating the total amount due. . If the accruals are insignificant or you feel it is necessary to proceed with your intended levy without delay, DO NOT REQUEST ANY ACCRUALS AT THIS TIME. We suggest you file for the accruals individually after your enforcement document has been issued.    

It is very important to supply all social security number and date of birth information you have at this time even if you haveonly  partial information. 


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